1. A Historical Survey on Okinawa bases

1-1. Introduction

1-2. A History of Base in Okinawa and the U.S. Forces in Japan

1-3. Reorganization of U.S. Military Bases in Okinawa Based on the SACO
Final Report

1-4. Factors to the Promotion of the New Guideline - SACO Process by the U.S. and Japan

2. A Scientific Survey on Possible Effects of SACO on the Environment

2-1. Introduction

2-3. Effects on Mangroves and Sea Turtles

2-4. Effects of SACO on Terrestrial Ecosystem

2-5. The Severity of Estimated Effects of Contamination Accidents

2-6. The Environmental Load by Domestic Waste or Water Demand

2-7. Accidents of Aircraft

2-8. Policies on Environmental Conservation of Government of Japan

3. Peace Movements by Citizens and Scientists

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