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Research in the laboratory

"How the biogenic carbonate minerals respond to global environmental" has been the major concern in this laboratory,

  1. Solution Chemistry of CaCO3 Crystallization [more...]
  2. Monitering of Carbonate System in Coral Reef(PCO2, FCO2, IP and OP) [more...]
  3. Chemical Impacts of Hazardous Substance on Coral Reef Ecosystem [more...]
  4. Extraction, Identification and Function of Matrix Protein in Sclerite of Soft Corals [more...]
  5. Biodiversity of Deep-sea Gorgonians and Response to Grobal Environmental Change [more...]
  6. Shallow Submarine Hydrothermal Activity in Coral Reef at Taketomi-jima [more...]
  7. Biogeochemical Observation of Deep-sea Hydrothermal Vent Fields by SINKAI2000 and SINKAI6500 [more...]
  8. Radiochemical and Neutron Activation Analysis of Marine and Coral reef sediments, and Hydrothermal Ores collected by Submersible Expedition



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